A demo version of the data base of scientific and research institutes, manufacturing and agricultural enterprises and private entrepreneurs of the South of the Russian Federation, which relates to membrane technology as potential users, may be downloaded here (Annex 1 D3.2.html) and here (D3.2_WP3_YTI.pdf). The complete data base is available at the developer, YugTechInform enterprise (; e-mail:

We offer database - 512 enterprises and institutions of the South of Russia related to the processing of raw materials, metallurgy, mechanical engineering and machine tools, repair equipment , etc., as well as light industry , petrochemicals, power generation, food processing, water purification, construction materials , scientific and research organizations, that are potential users of membrane technology (

The database consists of the exact name of the organization, its legal form, a brief description of the activities , where possible, economic and technical indicators of the company, its exact address , phone , e-mail and website ( if any), name, surname, patronymic name of the manager.

These are true as of April 01, 2011 .

The database is in English, since the work was performed under the international program Membridge-08, but the exact name and legal form of organization is duplicated in Russian.

On the purchase of the database, please contact the site CJSC "RMC YUGTEHINFORM", section “Contacts”

Last Events

International conference "Ion transport in organic and inorganic membranes" was held in June 2011 in the “Avtotransportnik Russii” hotel, the town of Tuapse, Russia read more...


Final meeting, 3rd  Round‐Table; 4th  Industrial Driven Event

Organised by MTB Technology & Warsaw University of Technology 

(Warsaw, Poland), April 14-15, 2011.

Meeting Location:

Warsaw University of Technology, Plac Politechniki 1, Warszaw, Poland. (download agenda (pdf), list of participants (pdf), map (pdf))





MemBridge First Partnering Conference

The First Partnering Conference was held in Brussels

(Belgium), December 7, 2009.

The aim of the Conference was to make an exchange of information in order to create micro-consortia for further development of cooperation in the field of membranes. Among the participants (download the list) there were 30 representatives (researchers and industrials) of all directions of membrane science and applications. They got an opportunity to obtain the information on the state-of-the-art from the first hands. .. Read more



3rd  Round ‐Table; 4th  Industrial Driven Event

Organised by MTB Technology & Warsaw University of Technology 

(Warsaw, Poland), April 14-15, 2010. 

Meeting Location: Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

(download the agenda


3rd Round-Table; 2nd Industrial Driven Event

Organised by TOO "Membrane Technologies, S.A."

(Astana, Kazakhstan), June 21-22, 2010.

Regular working meeting within the scope of the MemBridge project activity was held in Astana on June 21-22. The main theme of the meeting was the development of ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) technologies. These hybrid technologies provide zero discharge of liquid waste. The production string includes electro- and pressure driven processes, as well as vaporizers which allow obtaining the solids as the final residual product... Read more



 2nd Partnering Conference

5th General Assembly – Coordinating meeting

Organised by TIPS - Russian Academy of Sciences

(Moscow, Russia), December 9-11, 2010.



(download the agenda