MemBridge: “Bridge between environment and industry designed by membrane technology”

The leading European research laboratories working in the field of membranes are united in the Network of Excellence NanoMemPro developed within a FP6 project. They are represented in this project by the new durable integrated structure European Membrane House. A similar structure, the Russian Membrane Network (RusMemNet) , is trying to constitute itself in Russia starting from 5 main laboratories.

The main idea of this project is the rapprochement and further integration of these two membrane networks. The links between research laboratories representing both networks (13 from Europe and 5 from Russia) should create “horizontal” component of future mutually beneficial international cooperation.

Besides, the project anticipates the initiation of “vertical” cooperation between academic researchers, SMEs and big industrial end-users of membrane technology.

The horizontal and vertical “bridging” should provide a solid platform for giving rise to coordinated mutually beneficial international cooperation and elaborate joint concepts aimed at environmental protection, sustainable development, and societal innovation.

The project objectives:
• to create strong links between the two “world regions” at the levels of institutions, laboratories/research centers and companies in the broad field of membrane technologies;
• to develop new R&D partnerships through joint projects (particularly but not exclusively in the framework of further Call for proposals of the European Union);
• to increase high tech business opportunities from the Atlantic Ocean to the Oural Mountains and beyond.

The project tools:
• organization of meetings and conferences
• visit of companies and technical discussions
• education of young “membrane experts”
• setting-up a joint platform (based on connected websites, information sharing)

Who can participate?
• Laboratories and research centers with recognized expertise, or
• companies, associations, institutions and
• other business entities active with membrane sciences and technologies in Europe and Russia

How to participate?
• By participating on demand to the project meetings
• By taking part to one or several consortia for future joint projects

Download MORE INFORMATION about MemBridge (pdf)