Discussion Forum

Membrane technologies are widely used in industry and everyday life, but the potential of these technologies is far from saturation.

In this page we would like to discuss potential issues and impact of membrane technologies, the perspectives of international cooperation.

You are invited to present your opinion, to formulate a strategically important problem(s), which could be resolved by means of international cooperation involving membrane technology. How do you see the way to resolve the problem(s)?

What are, in your opinion, the hot topics, burning issues, practical problems for the membrane industry?

There are some topics, which are in the field of interest of engineers as well as ecologists.

What do you know and what do you think about ZLD (zero liquid discharge) technologies?

(“A ZLD system means that no liquid waste leaves the boundary of the facility,” says Keith Minnich, Veolia’s vice president of water solutions and technologies [Global Water intelligence, 10(12) (2009) 37; download the first page of the article]).


Another themes of great interest for the society, researchers and engineers:

Enzyme-Assisted Membrane Nanoreactors for Biotechnology.

The main idea is to combine the ability of native enzymes to treat some feed matters (such as biomass) to produce valuable products (amino acids, proteins, organic acids, …), and the ability of membranes to realize selective separation (Prof. Alexander Netrusov, Moscow State University).

Gas separation processes in Energy and Environment.

To be discussed.

Your participation

If you like to take part in the meeting(s), please write us (rusmemnet@yandex.ru).