Kuban State University
KubSU is the cradle of membrane science and technology in South Russia, it is the founder and promoter of the activity in this field including research, education and innovation. The main specialization of KubSU in the field is charged membranes and electromembrane processes as well as based on them hybrid technologies.
To train the newly coming students to become researchers, engineers and managers in the sphere, the South Membrane Scientific And Educational Centre (SMSEC) is created at the university, linking membrane research and training. The centre includes a research division with Membrane Research Institute, which investigates membrane processes, and the Training Division with Physical and Organic Chemistry Departments of the Faculty Of Hi-Tech Chemistry and Applied Mathematics Department of the Faculty Of Applied Mathematics And Computer Technologies, which train new researchers and technical experts in the framework of Bachelor, Specialist, Master, and Doctorate programmes.

Innovation Activity of the university is intended to adjust the newly trained experts to the market requirements. This is performed by the university Technopark with small enterprises incorporated, and a number of enterprises linked with the Technopark by collaboration. The biggest one is Membrane Technology Innovation Enterprise.