Membrane technologies seem to be the most appropriate tool for harmonic industrial progress with no accompanying detrimental environment effects (RAS academician N.A. Platé)


Welcome to Russian Membrane Network website


Russian Membrane Network is an open structure being in the way of formation. The network includes research institutions, universities and enterprises relating to the membrane science and technology.

The promoters of the Network are 5 Russian institutions leading in 5 main directions of membrane science and technology. The promoters attract other organizations into the Network and supply the site with information about fundamentals and applications in the field of membranes.

Any organization may be a partner of the Network (partnership).     

This website is considered as a tool for exchanging information between any categories of people interested in membrane science and technology: researchers and engineers;  users, small and big companies; large public, especially young people searching exciting news on science and technological progress.

The development and maintenance of the site is supported by European FP 7 project MemBridge