KubSU Membrane Research Institute

The Institute is founded in 1971 by Prof. Nickolay P. Gnusin, an Honoured Member of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation, the father of electrochemistry of ion-exchange materials in Russia.

Today the group is headed by Prof. Victor I. Zabolotsky, an Honoured Member of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation, an Honoured  Inventor of the Russian Federation.
The institute consists of eight laboratories and the designer group.
Twelve Drs. Sc., thirteen Cands. Sc, and fifteen doctorate students work for the institute.

Projects and grants.
More than 50 RFBR grants,  5 Federal Target Programs, 5 direct contracts; 8 international grants (INTAS, PICS, PECO/CIE CNRS, etc.).

Research scope

  1. Synthesis and modification of polymer films and ion-exchange materials. Development of synthetic polymer materials based on conductive membranes with electron and ion mechanisms of conductivity. Development of sandwich electrode systems with polymer films, membrane-electrode sets for fuel elements, biosensor devices and electrochrome displays and transducers.
  2. Fundamental problems of membrane material science: investigation of interaction of the structure of polymer charged materials at nano-, meso-, and micro- meter scales with their physicochemical and electrochemical properties.
  3. Mechanisms of water and ion transfer and catalytic phenomena in electromembrane systems.
  4. Kinetics and dynamics of membrane processes.
  5. Mathematical modelling in transport processes in membrane systems. Modelling of electromembrane processes and equipment.
  6. Development of new technologies of synthesis of organic/inorganic substances, and electromembrane and hybrid technologies of substance purification, separation and concentration.
  7. Development of physicochemical methods for membrane and electromembrane system investigation.

The main results of the research are represented in the following books and reviews:

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