No doubt there required unique experts in the sphere of electromembrane science and technology.
It is Kuban State University, which has trained such experts for research and industry. The training is approached interdisciplinary including the following directions:

The training process involves lecturers, professors, and engineers of three departments at two Faculties of the university:

New speciality field “Hi-Tech Manager” has been recently opened on the base of SMSEC and trains students to become a qualified as Manager Engineer. Among the disciplines the professors of the Faculty for Hi-Tech Chemistry, Departments for Economics and Management of KubSU teach the following subjects: technology of construction materials, economics of hi-tech industry, engineering graphics, and other economic and engineering disciplines.

The degrees awarded:

All the theses and dissertation works are fundamentally/practically oriented to the research of connection between ion-exchange membrane chemical composition, structure and its properties and electrochemistry of membrane processes and their application in modern technologies of environmental protection.


Bachelor’s, 4-year:
Applied Mathematics And Computer Science  
Specialist’s, 5-year:
Safety of Life in Technosphere
Engineering in Practical Medicine and Biology
Technology of Food
Hi-Tech Management
Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Master’s, 2-year (after Bachelor’s or Specialist’s degree):
Organic Chemistry
Candidate of Science, 3 year after Specialist’s or Master’s degree):
Ecology (Sciences of Chemistry, Sciences of Physics and Mathematics)
Organic Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Doctor of Science:
Physical Chemistry

Dissertation councils on the following spheres:

Ecology, Sciences of Chemistry
Ecology, Sciences of Physics and Mathematics

Lectures in majors and special courses


Courses in specialisation:


Master courses