JSC STC “Vladipor” is the successor of NPO “Polymersintez” and MNTK “Membrany” – the USSR’s leading organization in problems of development and creation of membranes and technological processes based thereon. 49% of the authorized capital of JSC STC “Vladipor” is the intellectual property in immaterial goods, duly registered.

The employees of JSC STC “Vladipor” are highly qualified specialists in the field of membrane separation of substances; they include – 1 Doctor of Science, 9 Ph.D’s, 4 leading scientific associates are laureates of Russian Government’s award in the field of science and engineering for development of scientific grounds of science of membrane materials and creation of polymer and composite membranes for gas separation and water treatment processes.

The staff of JSC STC “Vladipor” is 106 people, including 38 researchers.

During the recent 5 years specialists of JSC STC “Vladipor” performed scientific research, development and technological works on the following subjects : development of new types of composite polymeric membranes for recovery of heavy fraction of hydrocarbons from natural gas, casing-head gases and effluent gases of oil refineries, development of recipe for manufacture of tubular filtering elements used for purification of fruit and vegetable juices, development of manufacturing technology, manufacture and testing of new types of membranes and filtering elements, development of technical documentation for redesigning of ultrafiltration block and supply of block tubular elements for ultrafiltration of anaphoresis primer, investigation of the process of making composite membranes based on fluoroplast and filtering elements for purifying oils and fuels from trace contaminants (mechanical contaminants), water and suspended sludges.

License agreements are signed with LLC “Rodnik”, Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region for manufacture of tubular elements for purification of aqueous process waters and with JSC “Zavod Komsomolets”, Tambov for manufacture of elements for purification and concentration of vegetable and fruit juices.

Production of microfilters has been established at JSC STC “Vladipor” for analysis of bacterial composition of drinking waters and purification of biological and medical preparations with provision of customers at sanitary-and-epidemiologic institutions, water purification stations and enterprises which are included into a number of procedure instructions and GOSTs.

During the recent 5 years specialists of JSC STC “Vladipor” performed scientific research, development and technological works in the field of Russian Federation’s priority directions of development of science and engineering and critical technologies on the following subjects : “Chemically and thermally resistant membranes, membrane elements and modules for monitoring, purification, concentration, sterilization and regeneration of liquid products in chemistry, petrochemistry and other industries and social sphere”, being a part of the Federal objective program “Research and developments on priority directions of development of science and engineering” for 2002-2006, and Development of composite membranes with controllable properties and technologies of their application” being a pert of Federal objective program “National technological base” for 2002 – 2006 direction “Chemical technologies and catalysis”, as well as research on international projects : specialized agreement with Federal Republic of Germany “Research of new types of micro- and ultrafiltration membranes for preparation of drinking water from surface sources” , international grants : INCO-Copernicus (NPL975094, contract 15СТ 980512, 01.11.1998-1.02.2001), gasification of low rank grades of coal and organic wastes in aerated layer : controllable input of oxygen enriched air with use of gas separation membranes”, “New membrane materials and membranes for processes of hydrocarbons recovery from natural and oil gases” (as per “NATO:Science for the sake of the world” program, № 972638, 1.09.1999-31.12.2003).

Besides, employees of JSC STC have performed research on the scientific arrangement of the Federal agency on science and innovations on the subject : “Complex unit for research of process of membrane separation of liquid and gaseous mixtures”, sub-program : “Ecologically safe and resource saving processes of chemistry and chemical technology” under the priority program : “Membrane and other non traditional methods of separating substances for their utilization and reprocessing”, under program of the project “Establishment of experimental-industrial manufacture of microfiltration membranes for express analysis of drinking water and filtration of medical, biological and pharmaceutical preparations”.

Considerable number of technical solutions in the field of membrane engineering and technology made by specialists of JSC STC “Vladipor” are protected by inventor’s certificates and patents. Some of licenses have been sold abroad. Thus, for example, based on the developments made in the recent years in JSC STC “Vladipor” licenses have been sold for the process of making membranes in the USA and equipment for manufacture of corrugated membrane filters has been supplied to China. The equipment was designed by specialists of JSC STC “Vladipor”.

Together with scientific organizations of Russian Academy of Sciences, State scientific Centers of the Russian Federation, foreign scientific centers and institutes of higher education, sectoral institutes of Russian Federation of various legal and ownership forms dealing with problems of membrane separation of substances, specialists of JSC STC “Vladipor” have done extensive research in the field of membranes science and engineering.

Professional reputation of JSC STC “Vladipor” is confirmed by the constant participation of its specialists in international conferences, such as International congress on membranes and membrane processes (ICOM), European congress on membranes and membrane processes (Euromembrane), All-Russian scientific conference (“Membranes” and other international and Russian conferences and symposia dealing with ecological problems, treatment of aqueous process waters, production of food products.

Employees of JSC STC “Vladipor” have published 3 papers in the thesis of “Euromembranes-2004” international congress; 20 papers in the thesis of All-Russian scientific conference “Membranes-2004”. In 2004 eight articles have been published in Russian and foreign journals. 
In 2004 employees of JSC STC “Vladipor” received 2 Russian patents, 2 favourable decisions on patenting in the Russian Federation.

Based on the results of works performed by employees of JSC STC “Vladipor” over 200 papers have been published and over 70 inventor’s certificates and patents have been received.
Results of research  and products of JSC STC “Vladipor” have been exhibited at International exhibitions “Chemistry-2001, 2003”, International exhibition “Chemtec-2001”, International technical exhibition “Aquatech-2002, 2004”, International congress “Ecology, technology, economics in water supply and drainage”, International scientific and industrial forum and exhibition “Great rivers 2002” (ICEF, Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod), specialized exhibition “Perspective technologies of XXIst century”, International scientific and technical seminar “World of water – 2003”.

For development “Microfiltration membranes and nanofiltration spiral wound filtering elements” employees of JSC STC “Vladipor” were awarded Diplomas of 1st degree of Exhibition-Fair “Innovations-2000. New materials and chemical products” held in Moscow. Six employees of JSC STC “Vladipor” have been awarded with “VVC Laureate” medals.

In 2003 JSC STC “Vladipor” was awarded a diploma for active contribution in the development of Russia-German business relations within national foreign exhibition “Russia-Germany : trade and economic cooperation”.

In 2004 employees of JSC STC “Vladipor” participated in the specialized forum and exhibition “WASMA”. Waste management”, conference and exhibition “Technology and equipment for applying alkali-proof, hard and corrosion-proof coatings”, ecological forum “Ecology of the central region of Russia. Problems, ways of solving”.

At present JSC STC “Vladipor” owns an engineering-laboratory building with an area of 4.5 thousand square meters with research facilities consisting of 4 scientific laboratories, equipped with modern machinery and devices in the quantity sufficient for performing research works at a high technical level. JSC STC “Vladipor” owns a number of unique stands and facilities for researching processes of membrane separation of liquid and gaseous mixtures.

JSC “Vladipor” also has production facility with an area of over 5 thousand square meters which houses experimental and experimental-industrial equipment allowing to perform any type of experimental works based on the developments of research laboratories in the field of membranes and membrane equipment.
All experimental and experimental-industrial plants are manned by qualified personnel.