Organised by A.V. Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis of Russian Academy of Sciences. The conference will take place in October 1-4, 2013 in “Klyazma” hotel (Vladimir). The following discussion topics have been chosen for the Conference:

  • Novel membrane materials, processes and technologies
  • Mass transfer in membranes
  • Purification of nature waters and wastewaters
  • Hybrid membrane processes
  • Membrane and membrane technologies for separation and purification of bioproducts and medicines
  • Desalination and concentration processes
  • High operation efficiency gas separation
  • Membrane sensors
  • Membrane catalysis
  • Fuel cells

    The conference contains special sections, dedicated to presentations of young researches and progress of companies, working in sphere of membrane technologies.

    Also the program contains an introductory excursion to JSC STC “Vladipor”.

    Organizing committee chairman:

    corresponding member of RAS А.B. Yaroslavtsev

    Vice chairman: prof. V.V. Teplyakov

    Conference secretary: L.А. Parenago

    Contact information: 119991, Moscow, Lenin Prospect, 29, Institute of Petrochemical synthesis of RAS.

    Tel.: 8(916) 374-31-16,

    Fax 8(495) 633-85-20.