Organised by A.V.Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis of Russian Academy of Sciences

(Moscow, Russia), October 4-8, 2010.

The following highlight topics have been chosen for the Conference:

  • Non-trivial processes of water desalination
  • Treatment and purification of waste and natural waters
  • Hybrid membrane processes
  • Membranes and membrane technologies in separation and purification of biotechnology products and medicines
  • Highly efficient gas separation
  • Integrated membrane processes for obtaining potable and technology waters
  • Novel membrane materials and processes
  • Membrane sensors
  • Membrane catalysis
  • Membranes and nanotechnology
  • Fuel cells
The Conference Chairman  G.F.Tereshchenko 

Chairman Organizing Committee A.B.Yaroslavtsev
Vice-chairman V.V.Teplyakov
The Secretary L.A.Parenago